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Tuesday, October 03, 2023


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"Trouble is, ameliorative action is out of the question in a nation as divided as we have allowed ourselves to become."

Well said.

We need action? Our enemy-Democrat(ic)-party has spent years, decades even generations working for the goal they have nearly achieved, meaning one party rule and only token opposition. All this time normal conservatively living people went about living their lives normally. To call these people to action because the enemy is at the gate will only leave them perplexed. After all, they marry and raise children, work and pay taxes and they vote according to what the media tells them is wrong.

These normal people have to be hurt constantly, meaning lost income, businesses, homes and even lost personal security. Maybe then will these conservative people stir to action. Meantime, dysfunctional Democrats keep on with what comes natural to them-destruction. It may well come to pass that normal people become activist at the same time Democrats descend into deeper dysfunction and eventual death in all meanings of the word.

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