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Monday, November 27, 2023


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I'm with Leibovitz. Yes it looks scary, but it has all hung by a thread before. Look at the battle of Gettysburg. The Union lines held. The Union was preserved. And so the USA was there to help stop Hitler. Only 80 years separate Gettysburg and WW2.

It says "In God we trust" and "Liberty" on every last penny. We will prevail. And the gates of hell shall not. That is a promise made by Christ Himself. Do your part and don't worry.

Bro Joe,

You are right to remind us that "it has all hung by a thread before."

You and I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis of October, 1962 when it all hung by a thread, and Dylan penned "Hard Rain." And we remember Nikita 'Shoebanger' Kruschev at the U. N.: "We will bury you!" But we had a great leader in JFK who rose to the occasion. And that we now lack. Trump alone can save us, and we can count on him to fight, but the nefarious forces aligned against him may be insurmountable. Can we last another year? Not clear. If we can and can get Trump back into office then we have a fighting chance.

And now I remind you of our ancient Latin teacher at Bosco Tech, Fr. Joseph who once said to us, "Boys, be neither an optimist, nor a pessimist; be a realist."


How slender the threads! the 20th Maine regiment at Gettysburg stopped the Confederates from flanking the Union lines by a bayonet charge with empty rifles.

Empty rifles !


This book, "Killer Angels," about the Battle of Gettysburg,
is well worth reading. It would be assigned to be read by every high school student in the USA, if we had our schools in order.


VDH explains the current thread upon which hangs the future of the Republic:


Thanks, Joe. Get ready. Invest in 'precious metals.' 2024 may be the beginning of the end. Or a New Morning.


Hi Bro Bill. Here's more or less the same song from the American Civil War. It hangs by a thread every time. Have Faith.


Two schools of thought here: “Everything’s Falling Apart,” the Michel Anton thesis, and “We’ll Snap Back.” I lean towards Anton.

The rate of disintegration is accelerating. Thing are worse today, Anton says, than when he wrote his 2016 essay. He now adds two new categories to his 2016 list of social pathologies: trends that could have been seen in 2016 but have gotten worse (the opioid crisis and shorter life spans), and newer things, such as anti-white racism, a debauched currency, and grade school porn. In other words, the deterioration in American life that Anton decried in 2016 has had seven years to mend; it hasn’t done so and the situation has more running room to the downside. It’s this apparent acceleration of bad news that puts me in Anton’s camp.

VDH has also put out essays from time to time in which he runs through his list of the country’s social pathologies. Collectively, they’ve become the background condition of American life. Some of these issues are so acute that we should say they are really foreground issues because they’re right in front of us. Yet the country’s high-ether elites don’t know how to fix them and many of them don’t want to talk about them, so there’s a tendency to push them aside into the background. Anton’s complaint that our elites are clueless is not novel, but he certainly brings value added to the table for calling out conservative intellectuals for being members of the clueless class. He’s talking about a generalized, across-the-board, bi-partisan, liberal-conservative failure to fix problems and to govern. I’ll buy into that, too.

If there’s one item on the pathology list that’s set above the others it would be the state’s failure to guarantee a citizen’s safety. It’s about rising crime and general lawlessness: in the U.S., shoplifting has become an in-door sport, big-name retailers have pull out of crime-ridden neighborhoods, and all the rest of it. Where’s the Leviathan when you need him? We are at the point now where even small gangs of lawless youths can overwhelm the law-enforcement capacity of a mid-sized city. When a break-down like this happens, the state can either fight back or cut its losses and withdraw. I’m thinking here of the so-called “no-go” zones in some European cities. When something that happens, a new kind of authority, based on gang membership, steps in to maintain local order. Conservatives talk a big game when it comes to federalism and the decentralization of power, but the devolution of state power can also be forced by a prolonged period of uncontrolled lawlessness. That’s what the “Everything’s Falling Apart” scenario is about.

Excellent commentary, James. I agree. You have isolated the leading item on the pathology list: >>the state’s failure to guarantee a citizen’s safety.<< How many people in power have given any thought to why we have gov't in the first place? Certainly not Biden and his supporters. When the state fails to protect life, liberty, and property (Locke), then the citizenry and the illegal non-citizenry will have to do the job for themselves. Why can't the Dems and the RINOs see that this will lead to disaster?

We have a gov't that empowers criminals while violating the liberties of law-abiding citizens. We have a sort of Orwellian gov't that does the opposite of what it is supposed to do. A special case is the Dept of Homeland Security which works to make the country as insecure as possible.

Among the 'root causes' (to hijack a lefty phrase) are 'truth decay' as witness the brazen lying of Biden and his entire administration, Alejandro Mayorkas being perhaps the most brazen, and the problem of black dysfunctionality that few want to talk about, even those with a very high degree of civil courage such as Mark Levin.

And those are just two of the 'root causes' that are leading us to a 'perfect storm.'

A realistic view of the present mess must needs be more pessimistic than optimistic.

Bill, are you familiar with Communism is Neo-Christianity by Wesley Lysander?

No, do you have a link for me?

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