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Tuesday, November 21, 2023


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Bill, genuinely, not rhetorically, I ask the optimistic soul who speaks hopefully about the Second Coming of President Trump, "What makes you think we're going to make it to November 5, 2024, let alone January 20, 2025?" A perfect storm, nay, a cyclone of crises (too long to quickly enumerate) is on its way; I can neither measure the rate at which it's gaining strength nor predict when it will surge and make landfall. Tony


Thanks for your brutally pessimistic assessment. I fear that you, perched precariously in Jackson Heights, are near the epicenter of the perfect crapstorm which is rather more likely to make landfall in NYC than in Fargo, N. D.

You are giving us less than a year. But Tony, I'm too young to die and too old to fight!

How clueless are even conservatives about the coming crapstorm!

Scott Adams points out that the Demoncrat Party is mainly the party of women; the Republican Party is mainly men. His hope is in young Republican men joining force and taking back America.
Be that as it may, as Christians who live in a Fallen world, it is incumbent on us to be as ready as we can, to 'keep our guns loaded and our faith in Maleldil" (CS Lewis; I probably garbled the quote).

More evidence of wokeassery in the military: https://www.toddstarnes.com/military-2/air-force-warns-airmen-not-to-attend-turning-point-usa-event/

I ask again: how long can we last?

My bad: this is the quote, from the Director to Dr. Dimble -
'Your revolver in your hand, a prayer on your lips'- That Hideous Strength.
Now back to more serious matters.

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