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Monday, December 04, 2023


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Also this by VDH: "Weimar America."


Yesterday evening on X, VDH captures the demonic depravity--the very face of Satan in the world-- of the American and international Left's reaction to the horrors of October 7th. I quote him here at length:

October 7 and the Touchstone of Hate The almost immediate posting after October 7 of the BLM poster glorifying the hang-gliding murderous entry into Israel only confirmed what most of us knew anyway. Black lives matter and the entire diversity/equity/inclusion conglomerate rabidly hate Jews. Their response to October 7 revealed their pseudo-education in “anti-colonialism”, “white supremacy”, and “settler” oppression.

It is hard to find a major university where an academic on news of October 7 has not vented hatred for Jews. And that loathing is growing, as we witnessed the recent mobbing of a Jewish restaurant in Philadelphia (“Goldie, Goldie, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide.”)

So much also for the leftwing myth that being anti-Israeli is not anti-Semitic, as if a Stanford instructor first asked Jews whether they were pro-Israel before separating them out in his class, or as if UCLA students who hit a pinata screaming “Beat that f---ing Jew” forgot to say, “that f---ing Israeli”.

Most recently, Christine Blasey Ford-era feminist Rep. Pramila Jayapal called for balance in contextualizing the mass rape of Israeli women (“However, I think we have to be balanced about bringing in the outrages against Palestinians ”) and claimed stuff just happens in war (“I think we always talk about the impact of war on women in particular”).

But Israeli women were not just raped in a time of war by soldiers, horrific as that would have been. They were mass raped, mutilated, executed, and desecrated by Hamas thugs who broke into Israel at a time of holiday and peace and deliberately fixated on the unarmed, the elderly, children, infants, and women to do their precivilizational worst, from sexual torture and mutilation to decapitation and necrophilia.

Only a moral monster would seek to equate all that to the collateral damage to civilians. Gazans are deliberately used as shields by Hamas, while warned, with leaflets and texts, to vacate the war zone by uniformed soldiers responding to a mass, unprovoked killing spree by invading terrorists.

All the UN’s feminist groups, the architects of #Metoo , and the university gender studies crowd are mostly silent about this daily mounting evidence that one of many sick terrorist strategies of Hamas has been to sexually torture and injure Jewish women to incite fear and promote terror. Now we learn that one reason why Hamas broke the ceasefire and stopped the terrorists-for-hostages-exchanges was fear of discovery that younger Israeli female captives in their custody have been sexually assaulted.

Given that Hamas survives mostly by its international propaganda machine, it apparently feared such disclosures might incite a smidgeon of doubt from its Western leftist useful idiots (it likely would not) and thereby lessen pressure to call off the IDF.

The one common denominator to all this anti-Semitic hatred expressed by BLM, the international socialists, the Middle-East student organizations, and the DEI university faculties is freedom to spread venom as protected classes of victims, despite their own privilege, tenured careers, subsidized education, and elitism.

That special exemption is best exemplified by cowardly college administrators. In response to overt anti-Semitism on their campuses, they on spec retreat to the notion that, while they would like to stop it, they just cannot, given their principled devotion to free speech.

In fact, most of them long ago made sure there was no free speech at all on their campuses. And we all know that if any unhinged group substituted gay/trans/black/Latino for Jews in their venomous demonstrations they would have been long ago expelled with the tag-along boilerplate “this is not who we are” letter to the faculty from a careerist dean or upwardly mobile provost.

The Terry Evans’ article makes the argument that Hamas finds inspiration in Hitler’s ‘final solution,’ and although that’s true, the roots of Islamic rage against Jews go back to the life of Muhammed himself. On at least three occasions, he ordered Jewish tribes in what is now the Saudi city of Medina, who would have none of his “I’m a prophet” message, to be either expelled or killed.

In A.D. 627, the Muslims in Medina defeated a pagan force sent up from Mecca, which had besieged the city. After the victory, Muhammed turned against the Jewish Qurayza tribe, claiming they were treasonous in battle. He ordered the beheading of 400-900 males who showed public hair (Wikipedia), sparing the women and children.

A year later he marched against several Jewish tribes which had taken refuge in the Khayber oasis, 90 miles east of Medina.

Today we hear the chant, “From the river to the sea / Palestine will be free.”

Less well known is “Khayber, Khayber, ya Yahoud / jaish Muhammed sa’yaoud.”

“Khayber, Khayber, oh, Jews / the army of Muhammed will return.” (The Arabic rhymes.)

After a brief siege, the Jews of Khayber surrendered, offering half of their crops in exchange for leniency and recognition of Muhammed’s primacy. The event set the precedent for the dhimmitude.

Bill, that's "pubic" hair. Sorry.


Thanks for reproducing the VDH piece. It raises a number of practically troubling but theoretical fascinating questions.

One is NETTL (and its opposite NETTR). No Enemies to the Left. Leftists stand up for the oppressed -- which is in some if not many cases good. Locked in a battle with their political enemies on the Right, however, they are loath to temper their position in any way and concede anything to their enemies. So, ignoring the plain fact that the Palestinian Arabs are mainly themselves responsible for their 'oppressed' miserable status, leftists suppress whatever moral decency is in them by adherence to NETTL extremism. It is more complicated than I am making out, but this is one of the dynamics here.

Another question relates to the “Goldie, Goldie, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide" slur. Correct me if I am wrong, but 'goldie' alludes to the stereotype that Jews are very sharp about gold, Geld, money. But that stereotype is based in reality and so cannot count as anti-semitic if we are going to use words responisbly and carefully. Do you agree?

Remember Pat Buchanan's assertion, years ago, that the US Congress was "Israeli-occupied territory"? The point he was making was that, in his opinion, Israelis had too much Congressional influence. Buchanan's assertion was called anti-semitic by many. I said then and I say now that there was nothing anti-semitic about it. It was not anti-Zionist or anti-Jew. (These two are different of course.) Pitchfork Pat was merely giving his opinion about the influence of Israel on the US Congress. Do you agree?

As you will have noticed, I vigorously oppose all sloppy-assed uses of language.

That being said, I stand with Israel and with the Jews for civilization and humanity and against the anti-civilizational terrorists who draw their inspiration from Islam (as they interpret it), Islam, the "saddest and poorest form of theism." (Schopenhauer) And of course I stand against the cowardly chickenshit admins who have turned great universities into leftist seminaries. The Poisoned Ivy League leading the pack.

Another question relates to the “Goldie, Goldie, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide" slur. Correct me if I am wrong, but 'goldie' alludes to the stereotype that Jews are very sharp about gold, Geld, money.But that stereotype is based in reality and so cannot count as anti-semitic if we are going to use words responsibly and carefully. Do you agree?

I would disagree, Bill. The slogan implies that Jews, under the proto-capitalist social formations of late medieval and early modern Europe and the fully capitalist social formations of the modern era were and are more driven by the making and accumulation of money or capital than their gentile compatriots. This is clearly false. In the former period of time, whatever rapaciousness Jewish money lenders and businessmen may have shown was equaled or bettered, by the Italian (Venetians, Florentines, Pisans, Milanese, Lucchese), and Flemish bankers, merchants, and manufacturers, to cite just two examples. The same is true in our own times, where the attraction of money and the rules of capital accumulation apply equally to all. So, yes, I find the slogan very antisemitic, since it continues the false stereotype, common in medieval and early modern times, of Jews as distinctly gold-loving, with the usual connotations of them as exploiters, usurers, and misers.

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