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Saturday, December 23, 2023


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A carol form Russia, with English subtitles. Very beautiful and hopeful. The group is "Otava Yo" (Little Apple). They have been together for 20 years, They are sort of the Chieftains of Russia. Enjoy.


Happy Christmas from London. I have the ingredients for both a Boulevardier (Jack's) and a Negroni (London Gin) but not made one yet.

It's nice to see Beefheart make the Saturday night list!


You could celebrate Kwanzaa with the Negroni and New Years Eve with the Boulevardier.


And it is nice to see you blogging again. Good to see you back in the groove.

You mentioned Western Rifle Shooters. The following piece by Chris Hedges, which I found there, is something you might want to respond to. https://chrishedges.substack.com/p/israels-culture-of-deceit

Here's some real Western Rifle Shooting, at the "U-pick Sagebrush Ranch." Enjoy !


Portae Inferi Non Praevalebunt.

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