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Monday, December 18, 2023


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Maher underestimates the religious bigotry and non-stop Jew hatred brainwashing among Palestinian Arabs and in many parts of the Islamic world starting with Iran. He also underestimates US own clueless young generation. They don't read Maher or history, don't care about arguments and facts. They believe Jews everywhere are colonizing oppressors "because Critical Theory" or "because TikTok" and they are helped by pro-Islamistic money to attend pro-Hamas rallies and attack the Jews in the West.


This alarming trend won't peacefully.

An article over at American Thinker addresses this: "Who is teaching Jew-hate to the young?"


The comment string is worth reading, and contains this comment, which is not the whole story, but it is insightful:

"No one is teaching "Jew Hate" to the young. Everyone is teaching them "White Hate". And since Jews are white (and rather successful Whites), Jew Hate is a very predictable and inevitable result."

I agree with Dmitri, this won't end peacefully. We are probably heading into WW III, and this is the exact worst time to have an evil, demon-possessed president.

Check out Lev Haolam. Every month they help small businesses in Israel succeed by selling a box of surprises shipped to their subscribers. Their standing orders were a god-send to some of their producers after October 7th when so many went into the active service of the IDF.


Totally off-topic in this thread, but on topic of our civilization decline broadly speaking. When I see news like this one today -- Pope Francis authorizes blessings for same-sex couples -- my already dark pessimism about where the West is heading turns pitch black.


I can only guess what traditional Catholics think and feel about this.

Dmitri asks what a traditional Catholic thinks?

I am a cradle Catholic.

When I say the Credo, I say "I believe in One, HOLY, Catholic and Apostolic Church."

Those words exclude the current RCC.

I feel like I am on my own, and that the strong support that should be mine from the church, support which would make very clear to others the contours and boundaries of the morality that I believe in, and try to practice, and which keeps the world from total evil chaos — that support IS NOT THERE.

There is no help. We are abandoned. The church must, and will, answer before God for this betrayal.

There seem to be two stories here: one about what Bill Maher says about Israel and the fact that Bill Maher is saying it.

What Maher’s saying is that Israel’s not going any where. It’s an historical reality and the Palestinians, and Islam more generally, should come to terms with it.

But Maher’s a liberal whose views were shaped in and by the generation of the New Left. From that perspective, what he says about Israel fits into a world view that is understandable to most of Maher’s viewers. It is not understandable among the Woke Left, which is stridently anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, and pro-any-oppressed-group.

In the Nate Silver piece below, Silver wrote about the widening gap and growing disaffection between American liberals and the Woke Left. Maher’s at ground zero in that battle.


Good comment. One question is this: If a group is party to its own 'oppression,' then to what extent is it truly oppressed and worthy of the sympathy of others? Bombs are raining down on the Gaza Strip. But whose fault is that? It is the fault of Hamas and their supporters who, my sources tell me, are the majority of Palestinian Arabs.

Compare blacks in the USA. They screw up mightily as a group. They are on the bottom because of their own illegal and imprudent behavior. (If every black was like Larry Elder or Candace Owens, my statement would be false; but those two and plenty of others I could mention are outliers.) So when the cops enforce the law, leftist knuckleheads scream 'racism!' when the truth is that blacks bring about their own 'oppression.' There are of course cases of police brutality and I condemn them; but George Floyd brought about his own death, and there are plenty of other examples like his.

An argument can certainly be made that the Palestinians are party to their own oppression and failures. The Palestinians “never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity,” an Israeli foreign minister once said. I don't think Hamas is interested in seizing opportunities. It has opted for the sword.

Right now the “oppressed-oppressor” narrative is in the driver’s seat. It’s the result of years of disastrously successful “Boycott, Divest, and Sanction” agitation by anti-Israeli groups on college campuses an elsewhere. They have made great headway in delegitimizing Israel and in dehumanizing Jews. It has happened in our lifetimes.

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