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Monday, January 01, 2024


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Not just the atrocities. It was the body cams.

Bill, one of your fellow Substackers is historian Michael Oren, who writes the blog, “Clarity.” Back in October, he asked “Why the body cams”?

“… like ISIS, which festively filmed decapitations, Hamas revels in recording its savagery. There is ritual to it, bloodlust, and theater. In contrast to the Nazis, who understood that the Holocaust was stressful work for its perpetrators and that images of its conduct might shock even the most Jew-hating Germans, Hamas and other Jihadist groups enjoy their job and assume that a great many others will applaud them. The Nazis sought to hide the evidence of their genocide; Hamas posted it on Facebook and Telegram.

“Hence the body cams. They were worn to preserve Hamas’s handiwork for posterity, to document with pride. The videos they captured were intended for viewers throughout Gaza and well beyond—to cities and villages across the Middle East and portions of the Muslim world. They were designed not to delegitimize Israel internationally or weaken it internally—just the opposite has happened—but to fortify support for Hamas and the Jihadist idea. The foreign correspondents who saw clips from the terrorists’ body cams were permanently scarred. Hamas’s audiences were delighted.”

Thanks, James.

We ought to conclude that Hamas and other Muslim terrorist groups are much worse than Nazis. Among many Nazi commanders the idea was that what they were doing was terrible but had to be done. Michael Oren is right to contrast the two classes of evil-doers.

Another point of contrast is that National Socialism was and is a secular ideology that does not offer its adherents a pay-off beyond the grave, quite unlike Islam. (But I wonder how many of the Hamas principals really believe their religion.)

A third point is that the fact that Muslim terrorism derives from a very old and established world religion (unlike commie and Nazi terrorism) makes it that much more dangerous and difficult to combat. After the Third Reich fell in '45, the Nazi ideology pretty much bit the dust as well. Of course, there remain neo-Nazi remnants but they are nothing as compared to the jihadi threat. Both Islamist states and Islamist ideology flourish. There is no Nazi state and Nazi ideology is not much of a threat.

Finally, The USA and the West generally is in particularly dire straits because of insane immigration policies + leftist acquiescence and support of Islamism + white ethnomasochism, decadence, self-doubt, and a general loss of 'mojo.'

2024 = SHTF?

Happy New Year!


No world peace until islam is gone.


Islam is not going away. It is the worst of the great religions, but it answers to the metaphysical need of millions who know no better. See the third point I made @2:23.

World peace is a fragile and iffy thing to be maintained only by formidable deterrence and the iron will to crush evil-doers.

This is why Joey B and his supporters are such dangerous scumbags. He and they are supporting Iran's nuclear program! Either stupid right out of the box or willfully self-enstupidated, he and they don't understand any of this.

Happy New Year! (ironically intended as no doubt you gather). Enough of the smily-faced bullshit. Time to get serious before SHTF.

Do you have Democrat friends? Cut 'em off. Why should they get the benefit of your friendship? Much can be said on this topic. Maybe later. (My suggestion, of course, is of the ceteris paribus type.)

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