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Saturday, February 10, 2024


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Thanks for the music, Mr. Bill. I'm friends with most, but not all.

Hi Bro Bill ! I remembered that tune as soon as I heard it, but I had forgotten the tune's name ! Beck makes his regular guitar sound like a slide guitar. Amazing.

And now, here is Sarah Jory, a Brit, playing pedal steel slide guitar, and making funny faces ! Enjoy ! ! !


I listened to that version of 'El Paso' a lot as a young'un. I still do, even as an old fart.

If you like El Paso by Marty Robbins, you will also like this song "Gallo Del Cielo" by Tom Russell, which names geographic places all up through the South West USA, and up the coast of California. A song of risk, loss and gain, and border crossing, and history. Turn it all the way up !


And this version !


Rooster of heaven?

*En los Estados Unidos, la pelea de gallos es contra la ley.*

People who would set cocks to fighting each other can't be expected to have much respect for the rule of law.

I think of the events in "Gallo del Cielo" as happening in around 1920 though. Cockfighting was only made illegal in the USA relatively recently. Great song, in any case. Only song I know of that mentions Santa Clara !

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