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Thursday, March 28, 2024


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I wish Kruger would have gone further. Why were the first century believers so convinced of Jesus' resurrection that they were willing to be persecuted and martyred in horrible ways? Who would be willing to be thrown to lions, or crucified as burning torches for something that they didn’t think actually happened?


As a believer in the Resurrection, I have nothing to add, either to Kruger’s “overlooked” argument, which you wisely judge as “rationally acceptable, but not rationally compelling.” Rather, on this Good Friday morning, I offer links to two of the traditional events that took place this week, Semana Santa, in Malaga, Spain, which capture the bold, confident, masculine Catholic faith of former times—the remnants of which were still barely alive in my youth--that the Leftists who have commandeered the Church in the last sixty years have all but eradicated.


Thank you for the links, Mr. Caiati. How I long for a return to that faith of former times.

Maybe it is still strong in Russia, maybe this video shows that.


Dr. BV,

What are the criteria for deciding what to accept as truth? Surely, some decisions are ‘better’ than others.

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