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Saturday, April 13, 2024


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Bro Inky pointed out to me a while ago that NPR indulges in Neuro Lingustic Programming, when I related that I couldn't stand how Nail-Polish-Remover presented the news by means of little chit-chatty comment sessions between 2 or 3 people, into which you could not join, because they were on the radio and you were not; and that furthermore how that situation infantilized you to the level of a baby who could not yet speak.

It made me want to scream.

So I quit listening.

— Catacomb Joe

Oh and by the way, NPR's little chit-chat presentational technique immediately makes you, as a listener, feel outnumbered, unless you are listening with 1 or 2 more companions who also feel like screaming back at the radio.

It's nefarious.

I quit listening LONG ago, way before the date mentioned
in Berliner's account, which claims that NPR went bad only after Trump was elected president.

NPR is never going to change in our lifetimes, as this article shows:


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