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Friday, April 12, 2024


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The profound ignorance noted by the article linked in the above post is not rare; anyone driving an electric vehicle which proudly displays the words ' zero emissions,' displays such ignorance.

Look around your town, and you may see them.

Even my bicycle, with its rubber tires, leather saddle, aluminum rims, and chrome-molybednum steel frame, is emissive, both in its use, and in its manufacture.

Wether my bicycle's emissions — and mine as well — FRIIIP ! — are harmful is another discussion, though the moon-is-gas people aren't smart enough to discuss that.

My bicycle too: when I put on the brakes, small quantities of rubber are emitted into the atmosphere.

The bike's rider also emits effluvia of at least three sorts: nasal, oral, and anal. The first two count as fluid, the third gaseous. I have never micturated while astride the contraption, though a creative cat such as yourself could rig up a device, but I have various hidden 'pee stops' wherat I relive myself, but only in liquid form. All solid waste is entered into the local sewer system.

I recently installed a new crapper: high rise, elongated, a real shit-eater. A job that a plumber could do in two hours takes me a day: I philosophize, obsess, wax perfectionist, watch YouTube videos for the latest tricks and innovations, etc.

And the older you get, the harder it gets.

Next project: replace kitchen faucet. WeWe brand is inexpenseive and gets good reviews. Any comments? Why pay $300 for a Moen when you can pay $80 for a WeWe and have Amazon deliver it right to your door in a day or two? Install is said to be a snap.

Bro Inky sends us here: https://jewishworldreview.com/michael/barone041224.php3

Regarding Brother Inky's link, I can report that the engineering handbooks that I treasure in my library, were written either before I was born, or while I was a teen-ager.

The best faucets have ceramic disc valves. The price of the whole fitting may not be too much, But if you want to never again have to monkey with the fitting, a ceramic disc (Sometimes called a "cartridge") is the way to go.

Also, in Arizona, a dripping faucet is worse than a dripping faucet in the Pacific Northwest where I live.



And maybe you don't have to replace the whole faucet, just this part:


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