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Wednesday, April 10, 2024


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Georgia congressman Hank Johnson thought Guam could sink if more people were on it.

Yeah, that's the guy.

The Dems are a bunch top-heavy with ignoramuses and liars and clowns like Kamala, yet another 'person of color.'

I'm "a person of no color."

Speaking of things made up mostly of gas...


Anyone who identifies by color is an idiot right out of the box. In any case, race is not skin color; otherwise there would be no racial difference between some blacks and some people from India.

Prejudice against blacks is not based on their color but on their behavior, linguistic (e.g., saying stupid things) and non-linguistic (e.g., carjacking).

I am Italian, so I am a person of color too. I demand reparations! I demand positions for which I am not qualified!

I am more oppressed than you Joe, since you have some Nordic blood in you. You need to pay me reparations.

Well said, Gary. She be a gasbag o' color!

Can I pay with spaghetti?

I have a lot of it down here in the catacomb.

But can you boil water down there? Is your catacomb vented?

I have lots of moon gas down here when the moon is full, and a moon gas range.

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