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Wednesday, April 17, 2024


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But there are some good things happening too. Some senior people at NPR and NYT are getting tired of leftist biased reporting https://www.wsj.com/business/media/npr-editor-suspension-uri-berliner-d5dda39c?st=pc92c0wrnvk62ld&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink

Another signpost is "Carbon dioxide will doom the planet."

False, of course.

Homosexuals are gay.


True, but the CEO of NPR, Katherine Maher, is a contemptible idiot. So progress is limited.

Maher thinks that different people have "different truths" and that the pursuit of truth interferes with the finding of common ground!

It’s well known that there’s a disconnect between America’s ruling elite and the general population. I just took a look at a Scott Rasmussen report of a few months ago. He found a way of quantifying a definition of the “elite.”

Apparently what had happened was that in conducting their national surveys, the Rasmussen team found that for every 1,000 or so respondents there were three or four who were far more radical than everyone else. That outcome kept popping up regularly. They sifted through the data and found that these outliers had three traits in common:

— they held graduate degrees (not merely some graduate study)
— family incomes above $150k/year
— reside in large cities and in zip codes with more than 10k residents

This elite is white, middle aged, Bernie Sanders-type Democrats. They overwhelmingly have trust in the government, and a majority say “there is too much individual freedom in America”.

Inside this elite, there is yet an inner core that attended one or more of twelve universities, the “dirty dozen,” whose identities can be found on one of the slides in the Rasmussen report.


Thanks, James. That excellent power point presentation by Rasmussen and associates strikes me as accurate.

One question I would put to the members of the open-borders elite is: where will you go when the big Dem/black-run cities you love so much become unlivable?

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