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Thursday, April 18, 2024


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I watched the video. It's not an isolated thing.

I have a black christian preacher friend on facebook, from Texas, who calls Trump "anointed." And this guy is the real deal, saved by Jesus from long and deep and desperate circumstances.


Things are changing, and the elite wlll be caught unawares.

Bro Joe,

Your friend may believe that, but I hope you agree with me that supporting Trump because he is the Orange Christ is a mistake and gives aid and comfort to our political enemies.

The case for Trump can and should be made in purely secular terms. And a decisive case can be made in these terms, especially given Biden's physical, mental, moral, and political unfitness for office.

The Orange Man may or may not be part of a divine plan. Who knows? We do know, however, that we are doomed if we do not defeat Biden. Trump alone can save the Republic. The soteriology here is secular-political, not political-theological.

Man up, gear up, be of good cheer, fight hard! Long live the Republic! Cut off your Dem 'friends.' Why should evildoers get the benefit of our friendship?

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