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Wednesday, May 15, 2024


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One reason why the London Bobbies of old were able to go about without firearms, is because in years previous to that, when there were serious crime problems in Merry Old England, the gnarly Brits found the criminals, and hanged the lot of them, as this link relates:


O Mother Country, I do love you.

Our Founders wanted nothing of the barbarity of Merry Olde England, as depicted at the linked site, which is why our Constitution forbids "cruel and unusual punishment." But now we have gone to the opposite extreme.

There are 'liberals' nowadays, so far gone in their willful self-enstupidation, as to argue that lethal injection is "cruel and unusual."

Justice demands capital punishment in certain cases. Anyone who doesn't see that is morally obtuse.

One of my favorite Architecture professors, a Scott, called capital punishment "basic social hygiene." I think he was right in most cases.

Hygienes are legion: bodily, intellectual, social . . .

Should queers be put to death? Of course not.

To fully savor the insanity of the Left, see here: https://reason.com/2023/10/27/the-contradictions-of-queers-for-palestine/

>>When it comes to "Queers for Palestine," what's richly ironic is that many LGBT Palestinians seek asylum in Israel—the same country these stateside protesters are rallying against.

At the heart of this contradiction is the tendency within social justice movements to pick a clear protagonist and antagonist, the oppressed and the oppressor, and to proceed from there in one-size-fits-all fashion. Some progressives decided long ago that Palestine is the former and Israel is the latter, which is the seed from which everything must grow. Palestine, then, stands not only for anti-colonialism but also LGBT rights and reproductive rights, despite that those rights, in any meaningful sense of the word, do not actually exist there.<<

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