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Saturday, May 11, 2024


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Brook Benton, Rainy Night in Georgia. Enjoy.


Bill, Thanks so much for the tune - I'd not heard his version. That man can really sing a folk song, with meaning and soul. It moved me. So much better than the o-so-smooth shopping mall version!
Of course, the lyrics will always be meaningful.
Thanks again, Bill.

I had the pleasure of seeing Dave Brubeck play a show in the Midwest, it must have been nearly twenty years ago. There was a bad storm that night and there was some question as to whether or not the show would even go on. Brubeck came out with his quartet and announced that the show would be dedicated to the weather conditions, and then knocked out about ten weather-related songs, mostly from the Great American Songbook, with the quartet. "Stormy Weather" opened the set. The second half of the show was Catholic music, mostly liturgical, with an orchestra. It was a fantastic show.

Good to hear from you, John.

I looked for a YouTube version of Brubeck doing "Stormy Weather." Couldn't find one.

Puts me in mind of the unimpeachable testimony of one Stormy Daniels.

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