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Sunday, May 05, 2024


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I must be at least a dualist, perhaps even a trioist.
Over at 'Forging Ploughshares' (https://forgingploughshares.org/), a series of posts over the last month by Paul Axton explore John, Origen, the Cappodocians, Maximus and Hegel, as elucidating and endorsing the Trinitarian, Chalcedonian formula. I've been reading them several times over the last 2 or so weeks. The coinkydink of your post today compels me to comment, plus I still haven't finished the last homework.
Knowing Hegel only vaguely from all the penumbra of his reputation, having never encountered or read him myself, I found the information there to be enlightening. Is there an English translation of key Hegelian writings that excel in clarity, accessibility and nuanced faithfulness to the original German you would recommend?
Reading more Origen is also on my to do list.

Coinkydink or sinkydink? Be that as it may.

Thanks for the linkyplink. Fascinating! What can you tell me about this Paul Axton? Where is he coming from philosophically and denominationally? I intend to work though at least one of his articles.

I will get back to you.

Right now I have to get to work installing a faucet in the kitchen.

OMG, wish I could help you w/ that faucet, that's one of my bailywicks. 2.5 trips to the hdwr store, etc.
I'm afraid I know nothing about Mr. Axton but what is revealed there on the site. Protestant roots though, for sure, despite the Orthodox affiliations of many of his referents. Was Hegel affiliated w/ a denomination? Lutheran, Catholic? Axton states he was a seminarian. I could do my own research, and will, but just wondering out loud.
Hope the plumbing goes well, no leaks or callbacks.

My coinage 'sinkydink' alludes to Jungian synchronicity. I also at the moment have sinks and faucets on my mind -- and I am once again battling the damned recalcitrance of matter!

To answer your question, Hegel was a Lutheran. I feel a Hegel jag coming on.

I will now upload a Hegel article to the Stack that may interest you.

We are in sink.

Better than being under a damned sink!

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