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Monday, 30 May 2005


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Clark Goble

I agree with you regarding Searle. I think he offers penetrating criticism of other positions. However his own position is hard to even understand sometimes. (Although I agree with his criticism against functionalism by analogy with a computer model of a gasoline engine and a gasoline engine) One thing I tend to be skeptical of is the notion that a zombie and a creature with consciously would be exactly identical physically. That sounds doubtful to me, but is required for the thought experiment to function properly.

Bill Vallicella

Glad we agree, Clark. I'll put up another post on zombies in a minute, one that addresses your skepticism.

Malcolm Pollack

I think I have passed the comment sunset here, but this is simply NOT what Dennett says. This is, however, the "straw man" that is always put up to be easily and rightly knocked down. Of COURSE we have conscious experiences. You know it, I know it, Searle knows it, and Dennett knows it. What Dennet is saying is that these experiences simply are all of the mechanical processes going on, rather than adding an extra step, which is their presentation to some metaphysical Interpreter.

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